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01/06/2020 – 30/05/2022


Asia Pacific International University, Muak Lek, Saraburi 18180 Thailand

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Product Features

Explore and learn more about our product. Features and accessibility provided by our software.

Dashboard Graphical User Interface 


Drag and drop function allows administrator task to be performed easily without hassle. Moderate information is shown on the dashboard to prevent overloading of information to the users. Role can be set according with rules to restrict authoritative use. 

Customer Relationship Management Database 


Store customer information given in database and retrieve at ease to provide better customer service. Track history details to analyze problem for better resolution. Ticketing system is used along with the database maximizing the utilization of system.

Tools and Features Available

Below are all the key features and tools for the full access plan.

Schedule Planner

Manage your schedule and appointment with the ticketing system made to provide efficient awareness to user.

Ticketing System

Manage service and support cases. Keep track of customer request and interaction to resolve complex issue.

Object Storage

Store equipment or product record and set pricing to be use for sales and checking of stock.

Human Resources

Assign roles to user for proper management of employee with respective task given.

Customer Record

Store customer’s record and job description in order to provide quick and effective service.

Bookkeeping Task

Perform data entry using the simple accounting tools provided by the software, 

Simple Accounting Tools


Record business transaction using the GUI without having to use complex tools for basic bookkeeping task. Transaction history will then be stored in the database according to customers profile for easy management and review.